October 23, 2009

Origins of a nickname

So, it's Friday night at 10:30 and I'm sitting here blogging. My dear husband is out on a man-date with his horror film addict friend, Neal, to see Saw 6 (seriously...they made 6 of these movies?!) I tried to find something on TV to watch but there's NOTHING on and I get fed up after flipping through channels after 5 minutes. I finally stopped on Mamma Mia! which is a FABULOUS play and not so hot movie, but I've just got it on for the music.....oh how I love some ABBA!!

Anyway, I figured I needed to blog a little because it's been since Tuesday...but I also wanted to wait because I know that all the posts from last weekend were a little overwhelming and wanted to give you a little time to catch up before I sprung anything else. But 3 days is long enough, so here goes:

I was laying in bed last night thinking about nicknames. I don't remember when I started, it wasn't that long ago, but awhile back I began to realize that I never called our animals...or even my own husband...by their actual given names. For example, our cat Dakota is simply Kota and our other cat Captain Jack is just JackJack. Yeah, nothing extraordinary there, but then we got our dog Lucy who is now commonly known as Lu-Lu, Lucy-Lu, Lu Bear or Lewbert. Ryan is often known as Honey, Dear, Babe and most recently....dada.

I know none of these nicknames take a huge stretch of the imagine to figure out where they came from...well...maybe Lewbert...but I'm almost embarrassed to admit how that name came to be (uhmm hmmm, any iCarly watchers out there??) The point is, every thing in our house seems to develop its own nickname or quite a few nicknames maybe. Which brings me to my darling boy, Austin. This poor child is going to have no idea what to write as his name on school papers because he has the most nicknames of all! However, I just want to talk about one...the most common one, the one Ryan and I use when we are talking about him in normal conversation, the one you have most likely heard us call him if you've spent any time around us, the one he started out with at birth and will most likely carry with him until his teen years, the nickname whose origins I need to document on this blog so I can remember how to explain to my teenager where it came from one of these days...

It all started when we brought our little October baby home from the hospital just a little over a year ago. All the Fall decorations were out and I had pumpkins on my mind and a tiny little pumpkin in my arms. It was then that, for some reason, I began to call my new baby my "pumpkin nugget." I don't know why these two words came together, but they did and it stuck...for awhile. As most of my nicknames usually do, this one caught on and Ryan and I both called him our pumpkin nugget until Ryan decided one day to just call him "nugget" for short. I was about as fond of this nickname as I am of people calling my child booger...I mean seriously...who wants their precious child called something that describes what people pick out of their noses?! Gross! So, Ryan decided it needed shortening even further...this time to Nugey or Nuggie if you prefer. It fit!! The name caught on like a wild fire and around our house, our babe is most often known as Nugey, the Nug, the Nugster....and every once in awhile, just plain Austin!

So many times I've written his name as Nugey on the blog and then had to backspace and type Austin, but I decided to go ahead an put it out there in case I do slip up, well you'll at least know what I'm talking about now (and years down the road when Austin wonders how in the world he got such an odd nickname, I can look back on the blog to remind me)!


Kristy said...

The head janitor at our school has the nickname Nugget. He's had it since birth and I don't remember the story. Too cute! My nickname is Bug. My daddy still calls me that today. I love it and I'm sure Austin will too! :)

Marly said...

Nicknames can be so much fun. I love the subject of names and one thing I like about nicknames is it something the person can choose to go by...or not. Who knows whether your son will choose to go by Nugget. I guess time will tell. Thanks for your post.


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