October 27, 2009

Do you have any idea what this picture might be used for?

If you guessed it's Austin's baby mugshot, you'd be wrong...but if you guessed it's a passport picture...hooray, you're exactly right!!

Yesterday we sent off for Austin's 1st passport and this was the best picture we could get of the rambunctious little 1 year old....messy bed head, drool running down his chin and all!!

What does he need a passport for you ask? Great question, and one I'll be delighted to answer!

At the end of November, this little family of 3 (almost 4) is heading down to the Bahamas for a week and staying at the amazing Atlantis resort!!! It's going to be a babymoon, birthday trip (for me) and much needed week of sun, sand and relaxation for us all.....all rolled into one!

Ok, the real reason we're going is that the fiscal year at Ryan's firm ends at the end of October, he got all his hours billed and then some and this hard-working dad NEEDS a vacation!! It just so happens that I'm pregnant and we'll also be there on my birthday...so it's a multi-functional trip I guess you could say!

Isn't it just beautiful there?! How will we ever be able to leave paradise and come back this cold and rainy weather we've been having in SC lately? This trip is going to do wonders warding off the Winter blues that have been creeping up on me lately. Give me sun, sand and 85° any day, I'll take it!

Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?!


Rachel said...

WOW! That is super exciting!! Don't you just love the thought of being on a vacation on your birthday? I am thrilled at the thought of being in San Diego on mine. Cheers to November Birthdays!

The Gardella's said...

The Bahamas is amazing!! So beautiful, and the people are so sweet. Enjoy! I'm jealous


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