April 20, 2010

Austin's 18 Month Visit

We had a fabulous visit with the Pediatrician yesterday for Austin's 18 month well check up.  He's still in the 90th percentiles for weight, height and head size and is surely taking after his daddy right there!  The nurses got a chuckle out of watching me tote him into the exam room since he's already over half my size and not even 2 yet!!  (I just did the math and he really is 60% of my height already at 18 months!)

Dr. M was very pleased with Austin's development both physically and cognitively.  Austin showed off his climbing skills, recited a few of his ABC's and colors and even made some animal noises during the visit.  He certainly was not asked to perform but did so anyway just to show off a bit I think. :-)

Before we left Austin jumped off the table and into the doctors arms and gave him a squeeze.  Dr. M even called him one of his favorite patients!!  Usually I would think that a doctor who said that was just being nice, but I truly believe that Dr. M loves Austin and enjoys seeing him every time we come in.  I honestly couldn't be happier with our pediatrician and would highly suggest him to any other mommy in the Greenville area!

The only bad news we got out of the visit was that Austin's ear infection still hasn't completely cleared up so we got a prescription for a stronger antibiotic to make sure that nasty infection has hit the road before baby brother comes along.  His ears don't seem to bother him one bit though and we were told we didn't have to completely finish the antibiotic if we didn't want to.  I was very pleased to hear this because I know that repeatedly giving children antibiotics can make them build up a resistance and I hate giving him medicine for something that doesn't even seem to bother him.

At the end of our visit there were 2 shots.  I sat Austin on my lap in front of the mirror and handed him a sucker.  The 2 nurses got on either side of him and jabbed those two needles in and out of his thighs as fast as they could.  HE DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!!  Not a sound, not a tear, not even a flinch was made.  I was truly shocked and thrilled and confused all at the same time.  We were home before he even noticed the band-aids on his legs and of course immediately ripped them off.

What a tough little man I've got!!

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