April 25, 2010

In case you were wondering...

Yes, I'm still pregnant.

And even though you probably don't want to hear it, I need to take a moment to vent...

I am SOOOO ready for this little guy to make his appearance and be DONE with pregnancy for a looooong time (possibly for good)?

I haven't slept more than an hour at a time in the past 4  weeks.  I wake up several times a night, even in the middle of vivid dreams, because my shoulders and hips fall asleep and start hurting like crazy from lying on my side.  Sometimes I just have to lie on my back to give both sides a break, but then I sacrifice breathing, start gasping for air and feel like my lungs are collapsing.  I'm really not sure which is worse...

When I don't wake up because my body is screaming at me in pain, I wake up because I have a 7-8 lb. baby pushing on my bladder at all times and can't go more than 2 hours without having to run to the bathroom.  Oh yeah, I also just started getting this terrible heartburn at night which is absolutely miserable.  I've never dealt with heartburn before but I finally understand what all the complaining is about!!

Since I'm probably not going to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time for the next 4 months due to around the clock feedings, imagine how stressful it is to not be able to sleep when I have nothing but my own body to blame for it.  Uhh, so frustrating!

Some other things that should come as natural as sleeping, like moving/sitting/standing/driving, have become increasingly difficult as well.  I'm convinced that my 4'10" frame just wasn't built to carry a baby past 35 weeks.  I think my body knew this and that's why I was having pre-term labor contractions a few weeks ago.  For baby's sake, I'm glad they stopped it, but that's all I'll say about that...

So, yeah, the happy, carefree, glowing stage of pregnancy is WAY over.  I'm not exactly sure I ever really went through that stage, but I'm certainly in the "beyond miserable" stage at the moment.

And have I mentioned how my husband, whom I love dearly, just doesn't understand any of this?  He tries his hardest, bless his heart, but he's just not the type of person who can empathize, especially when it comes to "women things" like hormones and pregnancy.  The other man in my life (Austin) doesn't quite get it either.  He still thinks it's funny to kick mommy in the belly while fighting diaper changes, climb all over me like a jungle gym and hurl books, balls and other toys at me from a close distance.  I don't blame him though, sometimes I think he has to do it to get my attention and knock me out of this sleep deprived pregnancy stupor I fall into at random times throughout the day.

There are many, many other less than blog-worthy symptoms that come along with being 9 months pregnant that I just won't go into so as to not scare anyone away from trying to get pregnant.  If you really want to know or you're currently pregnant and want to know about those things that no one really talks about....shoot me an e-mail and I'll be glad to fill you in!

So there ya have it, my 39 week 1 day "why am I still pregnant" vent.  Sorry for all the complaining.

If this baby doesn't get here before May 1st (my actual due date), not only will I cry, but I will be begging my doctor to induce on the 4th.  I'm counting on the full moon this Wednesday though to hurry things along.

So friends, please pray that I will get to meet my newest addition sooner than later, not only for my sake, but for the sake of my husband and son who are only one small hormone fluctuation away from being caught in the middle of an angry pregnancy induced rage!


Ryan Harris said...

Somebody call the Waaaaaaaaaambulance. :) Just kidding honey, don't kill me in my sleep.

Brittany said...

oooh he's in trouble. hahaha
I am only six months pregnant with my forth and dredding the last three months. It is the hardest part. I am totally sympathizing with you. I complain to my husband and he says he would do it for me if he could. I say sure you say that now. He'd be complaining if he were actually pregnant. Instead he is doing the p-90x workouts while I get bigger and bigger. Oh I will pray for you that your baby comes soon. Real soon. :)I found you through blog frog!

Keri said...

I am so sorry! I agree, it is harder being short and being pregnant. There is just no where for it all to go. Hopefully, not much longer!!

Emily said...

I'm so sorry you are so uncomfortable! Hopefully it won't be too much longer before he makes his debut! But at least i'm still in the running for the baby legs! HEHE!


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