April 12, 2010

Going on a Mouse Hunt!

Remember this and this?

Well last week we finally completed our task and found all 9 of those sneaky little mice.  It was a beautiful afternoon for strolling down Main St. and boy did Austin love pointing out all those mice he found!

Follow the clues and maybe you can find them all too!

1. Begin your search on North Main where the water flowing in and out of the hotel makes a fountain on the outside. You'll find the father mouse, Marvin, reading his book. He can't hide--take a good look!

2. Mother Maggie is just across, sitting where she can see Marvin. When she looks down the street, she can see their five baby mice, placed here and there, all so sweet.

3. Cross the street and walk a bit. You'll see Marvin, Jr. at the top of the stairs where coffee lovers and computer gurus meet and poets love to count their feet.

4. Marcley's somewhere near the plaza square. Look around. You'll find him there.

5. Millie's a high "high-tech" girl. You'll really have to search, but give it a whirl.

6. Watch out! Mitch does his skateboarding in the bank's alley. You'll be lucky to find him; don't dally.

7. Across the street there's healthy stuff along the way. That's where Melissa loves to play.

8. You'll find Aunt Mifflin where there's old money. She's looking at the flowers, honey.

9. Mifflin's husband, Uncle Miles, loves to eat Italian. He's by the rain spout. If you've found him, give a shout! 
That's what a mouse hunt is all about! 

Goodness...who knew searching for mice could be so exhausting!!! :)

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