April 9, 2010

Visit to Columbia

Like I mentioned before, we went to Columbia a few weeks ago to celebrate Mimi's birthday.  It was the first nice day in awhile and we spent a lot of time outside in the beautiful sunshine.  Aunt Catherine and Nick brought their pack of dogs and it was the first time Austin had an encounter with dogs bigger than he was.  That little boy is fearless, I must say!  He loved throwing the ball for the dogs and watching them chase after it.  He didn't, however, enjoy the way the grass felt on his bare feet.

Here are some photos from our day, Happy Belated Birthday Mimi!!

Mmmmm, wet dogs...
Laughing at all the crazy dogs
Mom and Dad were way more terrified of this meeting than Austin was!
Not liking the grass on his tootsies...
Deep in conversation with Papa...

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