April 9, 2010

Sand + Water = Mud

We bought Austin a sand and water table for Easter and I took him outside to play with it for the first time last weekend while daddy was doing some yard work.  He loved the water and loved dumping sand into the water with his shovel.  He did NOT like playing in just the sand, though, and hated when it touched his skin.  He's going to have to get over that though as we've got many beach trips ahead of us!

Scooping out the water and pouring it on the deck was the most fun...

...but, after a little while I guess he got pretty warm and decided he needed to cool off by getting ON the table and playing directly IN the water.

This is what happened when I finally made him get down...

Believe it or not he's even adorable when he whines, folks!  :-)  
(By the way, look at the HUGE molar that he just got in.)

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