April 19, 2010

Quick Update + Baby Legs!

Sorry, nothing that exciting to report but a bit of good news...for me at least!  Nothing has really changed much as far as dilation and effacement go, still 2 cm and about 60%, but the ultrasound revealed that baby isn't quite as big as we've been expecting!!  They predict him to weigh about 7.5 lbs. right now and ultrasounds are famous for overestimating.  He's only gained a little over a pound in a month so we're no longer that concerned about him getting too big.

With that news, we've cancelled plans to induce on the 27th and hope that he decides to come on his own when he's good and ready!!!    That's been my ideal scenario since the beginning but I was so worried about him getting too big and dreaded a c-section much more than an induction.

While I certainly don't want to go past 40 weeks and would be willing to schedule an induction if it got to that point, I just love the surprise of going into labor on my own, feeling those early contractions and saying "I think this is it!!"  I've also heard so many induction horror stories when labor is basically forced on someone who's body (and baby) just isn't ready and I'd certainly like to avoid that if possible!

So, maybe he won't be here as early as I thought....or I could go into labor at any moment, but I finally feel ready and prepared and I no longer feel like I'm in such a hurry because I'm no longer terrified of trying to push out a giant baby!!  I do want him here as soon as possible but I know he'll make his appearance when he's ready.

Now it's just time to sit back and wait!

Any guesses on when baby H will make his debut?  I've got a pair of BabyLegs for the person who's got the closest guess!  Just leave me a comment with your predicted date and time!

I'll go ahead and predict he'll be here Friday, April 23rd at 11:03pm.  Wishful thinking?  You betcha!

And for those obsessed with my growing belly...I finally took a picture!  It was a last minute thing before I walked out the door this morning for my appointment and I made a horrible face...so I cropped it out...but I'm sure you're more interested in the belly than my face anyhow so I guess I'll post it.  So, this is my belly at 38 weeks!


Keri said...

Hey that's good news!! My guess is April 24th @ 3:30 PM. :)

Kathy said...

60%? 2cm? April 22nd @ noon :). (here's hoping! :))

Emily said...

May 1st @ 7am! Here's to hoping i'm wrong!!!!! I'm glad all is well!

Tonya said...

Great news!! I'm going to go with April 29th @ 12:30 am

Kristy said...

April 25th @ 1:15pm


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