April 6, 2010

Our Easter

Easter morning started out like a whirlwind as we rushed around trying to get ready for church after our little bunny didn't wake us up until 9am!  We were more than thankful for the extra sleep, but it made for a hectic morning when trying to get out the door by 10:30.  Of course the Easter Bunny had come to visit Austin and he had to spend a little time going through his loot.  He is especially fond of his new matchbox car and loved opening up his eggs to get to all the yummy goodies!

Austin wore his purple linen shirt with his striped tie along with his khaki pants and brown sandals.  It was the same outfit he wore to see the Easter Bunny but I forgot to take a picture of him wearing it Easter morning in all the rush to get to church on time.

We attended a lovely service at church and then went home for a nice home cooked meal.  I wasn't planning on cooking, but decided last minute that it would be much easier than going out to eat...and hopefully tastier too!  And for the first time since Ryan and I have been married, I made a multi-course meal without screwing anything up...not even the tea!

After Austin's nap we went in the back yard for a little Easter egg hunting.  It was certainly the highlight of the day!  He was a boy on a mission and didn't stop until every last egg had been put in his basket...3 or 4 times! I followed him around like the paparazzi capturing every adorable moment on film while Ryan followed him with the basket and threw back the eggs he had found so he could find them all over again!

After slowing down a bit, we noticed that Austin was getting a little red-faced and out of breath so we let him re-energize with a piece of Easter candy and 9 oz. of water which he chugged in under a minute!!  We then stayed inside to read all of his new Easter books and wind down with an episode or two of the Wiggles.

It really was a beautiful day to rejoice and celebrate such a special occasion!

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