April 15, 2010

Dangers of Soy

I was reading one of my favorite baby deal blogs this morning and there was a GREAT deal on Earth's Best Soy Formula posted and I decided to check it out.  Of course I'm choosing to breastfeed this new little guy for at least as long as I did with Austin, but I thought about picking up a can of this formula as a "just in case" since it was such a great deal and I've always loved Earth's Best products.

I went to the website and decided to read the reviews real quick when I found one titled "Soy Dangers."  It claimed that feeding a baby soy is very dangerous and suggested that potential buyers simply google "dangers of soy infant formula" to learn more.  Of course I did this immediately and was astounded by what I began reading.

Apparently soy has been linked in numerous studies to sex organ deformities and decreased fertility.  Other health problems linked to soy include ADHD, thyroid disorders, asthma, irritable bowel and immune system deficiencies.  Soy also apparently contains an array of potent chemical toxins and contains phytoestrogens which have been linked to the underdevelopment of males and premature development of girls.

I don't want to scare anyone here, but I wasn't aware of this when I began formula feeding Austin and we started him out on soy formula when I quit nursing after 6 months because Ryan and I both had milk sensitivities when we were babies.  Thank goodness we switched to milk based after only a couple months!

I know so many new and expecting parents right now and I just wanted to get this out there so that some of them can do their own research and be more informed than I was.  I can tell you right now that after what I've read I am becoming very weary of soy and urge parents to read up as well before feeding your infant a soy based formula!


Keri said...

Thanks for the info! I had never heard of that either. Hopefully, bf'ing works out for a year for us.

The Bridges said...

There are some babies though that can only have soy, like mine. He's been tried on everything and can't handle it because of medical reasons out of our control, so I think having a pediatrician you trust is importanat. I trust mine to tell me if thought soy would hurt my child.

Kristy said...

Thanks for always keeping us informed! Hope you are feeling well and I know you are getting excited about meeting Baby #2!


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