April 11, 2010

Peek-a-boo, We see you!

Friday night we did some last minute Babies R Us shopping and picked up an additional baby monitor since we're about to have 2 little guys to listen out for.  We decided to go with a video monitor to use with Austin since he sleeps upstairs and our bedroom is on the main level.  The new baby will be sleeping in our room for the first several months so we're going to use our Angelcare monitor for him until he moves to his own nursery upstairs with his big brother.

Anyway, we've always been curious about what Austin does while he's in his crib and we are having the greatest time watching him on this new monitor.  At night while he's asleep, I randomly look at the video and I swear he's in a different position each time I look!  He's quite the wiggly sleeper to say the least!  I'm a little worried about moving him to his toddler bed eventually because there's a good chance he'll end up on the floor...

One of the most interesting things we've learned after having this monitor is that nap time is quite different than we imagined.  Lately Austin has been taking wonderfully long naps, like 2.5-3 hours long.  I didn't know why but just figured he'd been needing a little extra sleep lately.  Well, looks like he fooled me!  After we put him down for each nap this weekend, we watched him on the monitor as he played in his crib silently for up to an hour!!!  He would throw around his blankies and stuffed animals, get up and walk back and forth, stand and look over the edge of the crib, lay on his back and play with his feet, play with his paci...all while being completely quiet!

And I don't really know what to do about this...

I hate leaving him up there alone for so long, but I imagine if he was unhappy about it he would let us know.  He eventually falls asleep and as soon as he wakes up he calls out...so I know he knows that's how to get our attention.  Maybe he just needs some alone time, too!

It's only been a couple days so I'll wait and see if things continue this way through the rest of the week.  I really do LOVE this new monitor though and I'm a little upset we didn't buy it earlier.  I certainly can't recommend it enough....especially if you have a situation like us where the master is on the main level and your little one is upstairs.  There's just nothing cuter than a sleeping baby...or a baby playing silently in his crib with no idea anyone can see him!

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