April 8, 2010

I feel the need...

...to prepare you for A LOT of upcoming posts in the next few hours/days.  There is tons to talk about and I have been incredibly slack the past few weeks.

Here's just a quick look into what's been going on:
-I've still got pictures from our trip to Mimi and Papa's in Columbia from 3 weeks ago and I owe my mom a happy birthday post since she celebrated the big day back on March 19th
-Speaking of birthdays, today is my dad's 59th birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!!
-We had a fun trip downtown the other day which I can't wait to share with y'all.  It has to do with something we've been trying to accomplish for many months now...
-Austin got an exciting new outdoor toy for Easter and of course there are tons of cute pictures to post!
-And speaking of fun new toys, I've got a great post about how to have fun on a rainy afternoon.
-I'm not going to dedicate a post to this, but I feel the need to mention that during a week of record heat here in SC I am without A/C in my car and our first level A/C in the house went out this week as well.  Awesome timing, huh?  Take a guess at what our tax refund is going to be spent on...
-Finally, Austin and I both had doctor's appointments today.  My sweet boy has his very 1st ear infection as a result of his recent cold and I am officially full-term with baby boy #2 (who is still nameless).  More to come on that later....

I hope to get caught up this weekend because with a new baby due pretty much any day now, the blog is about to go on overload!!

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