April 30, 2010

No Baby Yet...

Well, I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow and still no baby...

Nothing had changed as of my doctor's appointment Monday, which was a little disheartening, but I just KNEW he would be here by at least today.  I was wrong....again....and I'm starting to see a pattern here....

Today and Thursday have been really rough for some reason which makes me think that baby will be here soon, but then again I'm starting to feel like I might just be pregnant forever.

Just in case I am right and this baby has no intentions of ever leaving....the doctors (and myself) have decided to evict him next Tuesday regardless.  Doesn't he know that there are tons of people out here just dying to meet him?

Anyway, it's been a pretty laid back week around here.  A lot of dinners out to get spicy food, several walks around the neighborhood, a few bumpy car rides and a bunch of trips up and down the stairs.

Tonight we've already got plans for Mexican and a walk to the playground...and hopefully some baby news before the end of the weekend (but don't get your hopes up).

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