October 12, 2010


Our house has been nothing but football and baseball these past few weeks.  Austin spends his days chanting C-L-E-M-S-O-N and doing the tomahawk chop.  He plays with his football and tee ball set constantly, has perfected his batting stance and has even gone in for a few tackles.

Unfortunately, our Tigers have had some less than stellar performances recently and today was a sad day for the Atlanta Braves nation as well.  Not only were they knocked out of the playoffs after another disappointing 1 run loss, but it also marked manager, Bobby Cox's last game

Ryan and friend, Neal, took their dads down to Atlanta for the game yesterday afternoon and Ryan brought Austin back a really great souvenir which he wore for tonights game....a souvenir that he can also wear next year to a few games, and the year after that, and probably the year after that as well...

What's even better is that Austin and his buddy, Neal, can match next season when they both sport their Heyward jerseys to the season opener.

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