October 18, 2010

Birthday Morning

Ok, I'm going to back track a little bit.  I got a little carried away with the birthday party and forgot to post about the actual morning of Austin's birthday!  Ryan had come home but had to be on the road again before Austin even woke up.  I had laid his presents out the night before but wasn't going to direct him to them since Ryan wasn't there and see if perhaps he would wait until that evening to dig in.  As I pretty much figured, he spotted them almost immediately and knew just what to do!

He got to his laptop first and the present opening ceased for about 30 minutes while he tried it out.  By far his favorite gift as a 2 year old so far.  Owen watched on from his jumper, looking forward to getting his little mouth on all of the new stuff and covering it with drool. :-)

Who should I call....

...dialing Daddy...

Austin finally moved on and managed to open his second favorite item of the day, a cell phone!  This was perfect considering he is constantly grabbing our real cell phones and the house phone and having pretend conversations all day long.  His conversation is always the same, however, "Hi, ha-ha, ha-ha, bye, BYE!"

He finally got to his book and gave it a quick read, but then...

...Dora came on.
Believe it or not, this show trumped present opening!!  I swear it has magical powers.

Austin was so ready for the camera to be out of his face.

I asked for one last smile, and this is the face he gave me.

Followed by this one.

A few hours later (as evidenced by the clothing change), present opening resumed and Austin even let Owen help this time,

...until he realized there were "CARS!!!"  He scooped them up quickly and ran away so as to avoid the toxic "Owie dwool" car wash they were about to receive.

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