October 25, 2010

Starting Solids

I've kind of started solids with Owen recently.  It's still not an everyday type of thing, but something we're working on.  I usually sit him on the table with us while we eat and he started acting really interested in what we were doing and grabbing at the food.  That, in addition to his change in sleeping habits, made me think he might just be hungry and ready to start eating the real stuff.

It was rough going at first, more of it ended up on him and the table than in his mouth, but I remembered doing this with Austin just 18 months ago and how frustrating it can be in the beginning.  He's getting better now, and I think at least half of what I give him is being swallowed.

We didn't do the rice cereal thing because, well, that stuff is just nasty, has no nutritional value and really not necessary (seriously, google it).  Bananas were our first food of choice and he seemed to enjoy them (or at least the spoon they came on):

Owen hasn't been picky at all and has eaten a number of things without even a wince.  Austin has become a fabulous baby food taste tester as well!  He thinks the bananas are delicious, sweet potatoes are yummy, peaches are tolerable and peas with brown rice...well...in his words exactly, are just plain "Ucky."

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