October 26, 2010

Boo in the Zoo x2

Sunday afternoon we had planned to go to Denver Downs, but after a long morning downtown for Austin's 2 year old photo shoot, followed by his 4 hour afternoon nap, it just wasn't possible.  We wanted to do something before Monday rolled back around and it just so happened that it was the final night of Boo in the Zoo, so we got the boys dressed and back we went!

We decided to let Austin try out his rubber duck costume this time.  The costume was size 2T, but the striped stockings that came with it apparently didn't get the message.  They might have fit him a year ago.  So, I did the only thing I could think of and snipped off the feet.  This turned them into super short leggings.

He was super cute though, I must admit, even though the costume wasn't quite in style for a 2 year old boy.  (Hey, we got it a few months ago from Costco for like $10 and it was the only one in his size.)  

He got called a girl at least a half dozen times, but that doesn't really phase a 2 year old, and Ryan and I thought it was pretty humorous.  If he ever asks to see pictures of his 2 year old Halloween costume, we'll just show him the pirate ones.  :-)

Boo in the Zoo was a total mad house on Sunday night.  I mean, they made some serious bank considering the amount of people coming in and the fact that no one left with more than $2 worth of candy and flimsy toys.  No worries though, Austin didn't really care about what was in his bag, he just wanted to drag it around all night no matter how many times I begged him to let me hold it for him.

Owen was a cute baby tiger again, and we found his tiger pants this time around which completed his outfit.  I didn't even know it came with pants until I opened my closet and found them laying on the floor.  That thing came off halfway though, however, because it was at least 75 degrees out there.  That's what I hate about Halloween in SC, you need a warm weather and cold weather costume because theres no telling what the temperature is going to be like in October around here!

I think we had to wait in line 10 minutes just to sit on this lion statue, but it was worth it for the following caption: 
"Lions and Tigers and Ducks...oh my!"

Austin asked to "ride big brown bear," which is an odd request coming from him.  He sat there and smiled for the camera, another rarity, but I'll take it!  Ryan had just been holding Owen, aka drool monster, which explains the wet spots on his shoulder.

I took this picture right after Austin tripped over that big bump behind him while running over to that giant pumpkin and ruining some other families photo op.  He seriously hates getting his hands dirty.

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