October 13, 2010

For Daddy

I know Ryan misses seeing his boys every night.  I know for a fact they miss him too!  I try and tell him all the cute things they do during the day, and while I know he loves to hear all about it, I think it also makes him miss his little guys even more.

We just got off the phone a minute ago as Ryan was checking into his hotel room for the night.  I told him how sweet Austin and Owen were being this evening, not that they aren't sweet all most of the time, but tonight they were even more adorable than usual.  Austin kept wanting to hold Owen and then he wanted to swing him in the baby swing.  When Owen had enough swinging, I sat him on the floor to play with a toy and Austin started playing right along with him and giggling every time Owen made the toy make music.  Every now and then Owen would topple over (still perfecting the whole sitting up thing) and Austin thought it was hilarious!  He would fall over too and then get up and push me over as well.  All three of us were laying on the floor and laughing and then we'd sit up and do it all over again.

I'm so happy my boys love each other so much and I just love them to PIECES!!  We also love our daddy to pieces, and these pictures are for him!

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