October 19, 2010

Party Pictures

The party was fun, the kids were excited, the food was yummy, the presents were awesome, the bouncy house was rocking and it was all around one totally terrific birthday party for my little two year old!!  My house is still a mess and the decorations are still mostly up, but I'm pooped from all the partying (and the hectic days up until spent cleaning, organizing and decorating), so I'm taking the week off.  That right there is the reason you have several posts to sort through, because I've spent my free time blogging, watching tv, eating leftover cookie cake and relaxing instead of washing the dishes in the sink, vacuuming the floors and doing laundry.  It was all worth it though to see Austin so happy and to have lots of precious pictures from his big day as a constant reminder.  He loves his friends and family so much and to have them all come out to celebrate his second birthday was truly wonderful!!

Fresh up from his nap and ready to party!

Woo Hoo, Austin's 2!

Certainly has the hang of the whole present opening thing...

Playing with his favorite Aunt

Austin adores Kylie, and she drew him a really great picture just for his birthday!

Owen likes Cookie Monster too!

He took a break from opening gifts to read his tiger book from his aunt and uncle.

Birthday parties make you wanna, jump, jump!

If I had this in my yard permanently I'd never again have to worry about my weight!  Lots of fun and awesome exercise!! :-)

Uncle Nick getting the party started...

I love this one!  Sofia crashing and Austin mid-jump!

Me and my little cookie monster

Edible eyeballs?  Awesome!!

Aunt Catherine wanted him to ditch the fork and make a mess...

He tried it her way...

...but then went back to the utensil and managed to get messy anyways!

Finger-lickin' good!

Sweet sisters, Kylie & Blair

Sofia is exactly 1 week younger than Austin.  Happy (almost) Birthday Sofia!!

The three babies, Bailey, Owen & Blair, all born within weeks of each other!

Most of the kiddos with their respective parents.

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