October 3, 2010

Apple Picking

I think October is my favorite month, followed closely only by December.  October means the start of Fall, cooler weather, pumpkin patches, Halloween, college football in full swing, several family birthdays, changing leaves and apple picking!

Speaking of apple picking, that's just how we spent our Friday morning last week, in NC at the Sky Top Orchard!

It was windy and quite chilly.  I was worried I hadn't dressed the boys appropriately and we would have to leave, but it warmed up quickly, especially after all the walking and hill climbing through the rows and rows of apple trees.  Austin picked a couple apples, but was more amused by the hundreds of apples scattered all over the ground at the bottom of the trees.  He gave the McIntoshs a taste test and carried a nice, plump red one with him over to see the animals.

We visited the chickens, roosters, turkeys ducks and peacocks.  We saw goats and sheep and two cute little bunny rabbits.  Two boys were picking grass and feeding the bunnies and Austin took note of their actions.  He started ripping up handfuls of grass and throwing it at all the animals.  We tired explaining that ducks and chickens don't eat grass, so he threw them the rest of his apple.  We paid a quarter for a handful of corn to feed the ducks, Austin was unamused.  He was determined to continue picking as much grass as possible and get it to those animals behind the fence...

Owen hung out in the Baby Bjorn and watched all the action.  I can't wait until this time next year when he will really be able to enjoy the experience!  He really does love being outside, though, so he was very calm and relaxed the entire time.

We took a tractor ride before heading back down the mountain.  The highlight of Austin's morning for sure.  He ran full speed up the mountain when he saw it go by so we had to get on.  He enjoyed the "bumpy ride" and seeing all the sights while being pulled in the bed of a tractor.  I was just happy to be sitting down for a few minutes!! :-)

We attempted a few more family shots, still hunting for that perfect Christmas card photo.  No such luck.  I promise the boys had a great time and smiled and laughed a lot, they just hate the camera, I'm convinced!

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