October 17, 2010

Boo in the Zoo

Boo in the Zoo members night just happened to fall on Austin's birthday this year.  Ryan got home from work just in time, so we grabbed our little pirate and baby tiger and went to the zoo for some trick or treating.

Austin was going to be a rubber duck, but after some comments questioning the manliness of a 2 year old boy in a rubber duck costume, and a last minute sale rack find, we went with a pirate costume instead.  The pirate costume came with some cool accessories, like a sword and a big floppy hat, which amazingly stayed put through the entire evening.

Austin carried his sword around all night, swashbuckling the ground and fellow trick or treaters.  He put it down only once, when we passed the Pepsi truck handing out free cans of Pepsi.  He immediately went digging through his treat bag, passing up crayons and chocolate and suckers, and pulled out that tiny can of caffeinated goodness.  Way to go Pepsi, that's just what a bunch of kids hopped up on candy need....a jolt of caffeine!!  I distracted Austin with a goat and hid his treat bag.  It worked.

Austin had so much fun that we considered paying $4 more and going around again, but we were just a little too late and the event was ending.  We went to McAlisters (home of the free kids meal) for Austin's birthday dinner after leaving the zoo, and because everyone needs cake on their birthday, we bought him a piece of marble pound cake.  He throughly enjoyed it...

Owen was there too, being his cute little tiger cub self.  At the end of the night, however, he traded his "Roar" for an "Arrrrg."

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