October 4, 2010

Trip to Tiger Town

This past weekend was homecoming in Clemson.  We decided to head that way after apple picking and enjoy the festivities.  We ate downtown, walked around, looked at the floats, played on Bowman field and ended up at Tigerama in Littlejohn.  We bought Austin a hat and football from Judge Kellers, they are now his most favorite items.  He's hardly taken his hat off since Friday!  I forgot how much I love spending time in my old college town, even though being there with two kids, pushing around a double stroller and carrying a giant diaper bag made me feel pretty old, especially as I watched all those teenage students walk by!

 Taking his little brother for a stroll...
Checking out the homecoming floats

 Austin loved watching all the kids play on Bowman!
 Playing a little catch with daddy!
 "Go long, dad!"
 Quarterback or pitcher?  He can't decide!
 Touchdown Tigers!!
 Owen loved the feel of the grass!
 My bright-eyed baby catching some rays on Bowman Field!
 Going for the field goal!
Me and my happy baby!

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

What precious pictures and memories! I hope for memories like that one day. And I'm glad to see you are cheering for the right team :) Go Tigers!


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