October 4, 2010

Fab Five

Owen is 5 months old today.  That's right, FIVE months...can you believe it??

He is changing and learning and growing so much every day.  He is still incredibly laid back, but loves attention and being held and cuddled.  He is super sweet and cuddly, and since I know from experience that those days don't last, I'm just soaking them in.  He smiles at everyone, especially other babies and children.  He loves to look around and watch what's going on and likes being outdoors almost as much as his big brother does.  He laughs at everything, especially silly noises and faces and it's one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard.  He really enjoys his jumper and tries to jump all the time now, even when he's just standing in my lap!  He's totally over those less interactive things like his swing and bouncy seat.  If he's not in my arms, he's in his jumper or rolling his way across the floor...

Owen is hardly ever still unless he's sleeping, then he's a peaceful little lamb, but as soon as he wakes up, he rolls all around in his crib until he gets stuck and starts whining for someone to get him.  If I place him on the floor and walk away for a second, he's most likely already rolled to the complete other side of the room and found something to put in his mouth.  There are still no teeth, but he is a drooling machine and mouthing everything he can grasp.  I've never seen so much drool come out of something so small and have to change bibs and outfits several times a day.  His constant motion has made nursing a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when we're out in public and I'm trying to be discreet and keep him under the cover.  All he wants to do is wiggle around and grab at the nursing cover and whip his head in all directions to try and see what's going on.  His nursing sessions are also a lot shorter due to his constant need to be in on all the action, which has made cause for more feedings and a 3-4 am wake up call each morning.  I don't mind it though because he goes right back to sleep in my arms and it's just another sweet time to cuddle without the usual craziness going on around us.

Owen is wearing a size 3 diaper now.  It's too big, but I've learned that too big is much better than too small!  He can wear clothes anywhere from size 3-6 months to size 12 months.  I am buying him clothes that are size 9 months and just hoping they last through the winter.  Austin was in summer clothes at Owen's age so unfortunately we have had to buy several new things for Owen to wear this Winter.  At least onesies and PJs are year round!

Owen is sweet and happy 95% of the time.  The other 5% of the time that he's not so sweet and happy is usually when he's riding in the car for long periods of time or being forced to sit in his car seat.  But, I would never climb in the backseat of the car while moving and take my screaming mad red-faced baby whom I thought was going to make himself sick, out of his carseat and hold him for a few miles until he calmed down...nope not me!  He does sit on mine or Ryan's lap while we eat out at restaurants though, because like I said, NOT a fan of the carseat!

Regardless, I just adore my little blue-eyed baby boy, my snuggle bunny, my little pumpkin, my sweet, sweet Owie bear!

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