December 16, 2009

14 Months!

Austin turned 14 months old Tuesday, can you believe it?! What an exciting month we've had and things are just getting even more exciting by the day! Here are 14 fabulous (and maybe not so fabulous) things about 14 months!

1. No matter what time he goes to bed, Austin is now sleeping at least 12-13 hours a night with one 2 hour nap during the middle of the day. Last night was a late night due to some last minute errands and he is STILL asleep at 9:45 am! I can only pray that our next child will be such as good of a sleeper as Austin is!

2. Austin is starting to mimic everything we do! When we point at things, he points. When I rub my hands together to put lotion on, he does the same. When I smack my lips or make a funny sound, he tries to imitate it. It's super cute!

3. He says "bye-bye" repeatedly and waves ANYTIME someone walks out of a room. He can't wait for daddy to grab his briefcase in the mornings so he can start waving and telling him bye. He also says bye to random people, cashiers and servers at restaurants.

4. Much to my surprise, Austin has become a VERY picky eater. He loves fruit, but in order to eat his veggies, they have to be pureed or mashed. He's not a big fan of cheese and refuses to eat any pasta. He even spits out chicken nuggets unless I dip them in ketchup first. It's really frustrating and I hope it's something he grows out of shortly.

5. Austin LOVES music and is a dancing fool! He likes to wave his arms, stomp his feet and shake his little tushy anytime music comes matter where he is! The Franklin theme song came on while I was changing his diaper the other morning and he started wiggling around on his mat and just a smiling!

6. Austin wears a size 5 diaper, size 18 month pants and 24 month onesies and t-shirts fit him best. He's got a long torso but shorter arms and legs.

7. Austin's favorite toy is his Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals, which was a Christmas gift that I gave him a little early. He can make all the animals pop up except for the one where he has to turn the key. For that one he just grabs my hand and makes me do it for him.

8. Austin also likes to stack his blocks and his hand-eye coordination sometimes surprises me. He can build pretty tall stacks without knocking them over.

9. His favorite activity, however, is to empty out his block container and push it to the couch, chair or table and use it as a step to climb up on things. Yesterday I left the room for a minute to switch out the laundry and came back to find him standing on top of one of the living room chairs.

10. Austin really enjoys putting on his socks and shoes. He will stop whatever he's doing and come to me anytime I say "let's put on your socks." He even tries to help Ryan put on his shoes in the morning and loves to take off my flip flops and put them back on.

11. Austin loves to play with our dog, Lucy, and thinks she is just too funny. He likes to throw her ball and she enjoys chasing it and bringing it back for a round of tug of war. He also likes to throw his food on the floor for Lucy to gobble up. This is very frustrating for mommy...

12. Austin can point to eyes, nose, mouth and toes. Most of the time he will only point to mine and by point I mean poke, gauge and jam his fingers into each body part with extreme force.

13. He thinks the word "pewwww" is HILARIOUS! We always say it when he has a dirty diaper or when we just want him to smile and laugh real hard. He also thinks the word "owl" is really funny and the sound you make when you blow your nose.

14. And at 14 months, Austin has 5 teeth and has been working on tooth #6 for about 2 weeks now. He's not a terrible teether, but those last couple of days before the tooth breaks through can be rough. Freezer pops and Tylenol have been wonderful teething aids thus far.

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