December 11, 2009

Bahamas Day 2 & 3

On our first full day in the Bahamas we decided to take the ferry boat to Nassau to check out the sights. It was pretty much like every other Caribbean tourist city with the countless souvenir shops, jewelry stores and street vendors. We took a stroll through the Straw Market only to be hassled and bombarded by sales pitches and offered illegal and counterfeit items. Ryan, being a patent attorney, was seriously disturbed by the seemingly lack of trademark law enforcement as we passed walls and walls of knock-off handbags just sitting out in the open. I was enamored with the black and white Chanel bag that I've always wanted being offered for only $35...but whats the fun in carrying around a designer bag if you know it's a fake?! We just looked and kept moving...

After wandering around for awhile longer, we decided to stop for lunch at Senor Frogs before getting back on the boat to the resort. Austin proceeded to meltdown in his high chair because it was well past nap time and fell asleep on the ferry boat almost as soon as we sat down. Poor little guy just wasn't used to missing his regularly scheduled nap time and was sure to let us know how displeased he was!

We topped off our Monday evening with a trip to The Poop Deck via the "party taxi" for an authentic Bahamian dinner...which was DELICIOUS!! I had the most delicious fried chicken I've ever tasted and Ryan's Grouper Fingers were a table favorite. Our taxi driver was waiting on us when we were finished and we piled back in for the ride home. The taxis in the Bahamas were hit or miss and the one that took us to dinner that night was a hit! It had mood lighting, tv screens and Michael Jackson music videos was quite the experience!

Tuesday was a laid back day. We strolled through Marina Village to check out the food, shopping and enormous yachts in harbor and then took off to a few of the many different pools and beaches for some fun in the sun! We especially loved the private Cove beach which had a strip of sand with ocean on both sides. It was the most beautiful and peaceful place on the island!

The cruise ships in harbor in Nassau
Ready to stroll around the city!
Some of the elaborate Christmas decorations
A school children's choir singing Christmas carols....too cute!
At Senor Frogs with his courtesy balloon hat!
Aunt Catherine trying to tame the beast!
Pooped out on the ferry boat before we even left the dock1
Balloon fighting in the room with Aunt Catherine
Dinner at the Poop Deck
Where's mine??
The Casino Royale yacht docked at Marina Village.
Riding the shuttle bus to the Cove...the bus rides were one of Austin's favorite activities on the trip!
The gorgeous private beach at the Cove
Austin wasn't too fond of walking on the sand...but he didn't mind riding!
A beautiful blue water backdrop!
Ocean on both sides...I just thought it was so beautiful and unique!

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Mary Douglass said...

We've been on a few cruises and we never even get off the boat in Nassau! Too touristy and all fake, just like you said! But that beach looks amazing...very jealous!


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