December 14, 2009

Bahamas Day 4 & 5

So, days 4 & 5 were my favorite because we spent most of the day at our favorite pool and at the on-site water park. We didn't even have to go back to the room for nap time one afternoon because Austin snoozed for 2 HOURS in his stroller by the pool! Aunt Catherine and Nick babysat both days for a good while so Ryan and I could go check out the extreme lazy river and some of the water slides. It was so nice to spend some time in the water, just the two of us!

These days were also my favorite because, well, Thursday was my birthday and on the day before - NICK ASKED CATHERINE TO MARRY HIM...AND SHE SAID YES! A birthday and a proposal mixed in with some swimming, sunning, floating and sliding....what could be better!?

The new bling! Congrats Aunt Catherine!!!
Austin's Aunt Catherine and future Uncle Nick back in the room after celebrating their engagement!
Leaving for the pool...
...and at the pool! That's one sacked out little guy!
Just another beautiful backdrop!
That's Austin and Ryan out there in the Baths pool. Can you see why it was our favorite? We had the whole humongous thing to ourselves!!
Austin loved walking around these large sculptures and then stepping off the sides into our arms.
Mommy and Austin doing some swimming!
Catherine and Nick chasing around our little munchkin as he chases a bird...
Me and Ryan at Carmine's for my birthday dinner!

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Tonya said...

Awww...YAY! That is so exciting! What a great location for popping the question!!


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