December 14, 2009

Last 2 Days in the Bahamas

While we were there until Sunday, Catherine and Nick had to head back on Saturday so Catherine could have a day to get some work done and lesson plans arranged before class on Monday. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at The Point before heading back to the room to get them packed up. Austin was not happy about being back in the room as he had become accustomed to being outside all day, and kept trying to crawl in his stroller so we'd take him back out. We distracted him long enough to give a bye bye snuggle to Aunt Catherine and then they were gone.

We put Austin down for a morning nap since we had plans to spend our last afternoon in the Bahamas on the beach, but for the first time in a week, we just relaxed in the room until mid-afternoon. I think we were just about exhausted from all the going and going. We did, however, finally manage to get up and head out the door around 3pm to go see that beautiful water one last time. We got on the shuttle and headed to our favorite place, The Cove, but little did we know, we would never make it to the beach that day.

As I was preparing to get off the shuttle with Austin in my arms, I started to step down the steps when my knee gave out and I fell to the ground severely twisting my right ankle and landing on my left knee. Since I was holding Austin and trying to protect him, I was unable to catch myself, but I did succeed in keeping my baby from ever hitting the ground. I eventually had to let him go and he just started walking away...oblivious to what had just happened!

Next thing I know, I was unable to get up and had people surrounding me with a wheelchair headed in my direction. My ankle was as big as a softball and my left knee was pretty torn up. We neglected to go to the Bahamas public hospital and agreed to be seen in Greenville as soon as we arrived home the next day. They provided me with a pair of crutches and a courtesy taxi back to our room, but nothing could ease the pain of my throbbing ankle and the fact that my accident had caused us to miss spending our final day of vacation on the beach.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening was a bit rough (especially after watching Clemson lose in the ACC Championship to GT) and the next day was a complete whirlwind! I was still in pain the next day from my ankle and from having to sit there helpless as Ryan packed up the entire villa himself and carried every bag all while pushing Austin in his stroller. We were very fortunate to have lots of help once we reached the airport and were whizzed through security and customs due to my unfortunate accident.

We managed another 2.5 hour plane ride and were shocked to walk off the plane in Atlanta to some very chilly weather! Ryan loaded up the car and blasted the heat and my tired little guy fought sleep the entire way back to Greenville. Grandma Jo Ann arrived shortly after we did to watch Austin as we headed to Urgent Care and waited 2 hours for them to tell me I had a bad sprain and possibly some torn tendons.

What a crazy ending to a wonderful week and a pretty bad start to the following one...

Catherine and Nick at The Point for breakfast on their last day in the Bahamas.
Austin enjoying some pancakes!
"Hey guys, it's sunny out, what are we doing inside?!"
Saying goodbye to Aunt Catherine!
The flight home...

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