December 9, 2009

Bahamas Day 1

There's just so much to tell about our trip and so many pictures that I'm going to break it up into a few different posts.

Last Sunday we woke up at 5am in order to get ready, pack the car and drive to Atlanta for our 11am flight to Nassau. It was a hectic morning to say the least but alas we were waiting at our gate with about 20 minutes until boarding. We were very lucky that our flight wasn't packed and when we strolled up with Austin in tow, the flight attendant graciously moved our seats to a row of three with some extra room. However, the older couple sitting next to us saw us sit down across the aisle and they were very quick to ask for a change in their seats. I don't know why this bothered me...but it did. I'm pretty sure I gave them the evil eye...

So, thanks to the advice from Tonya, I gave Austin a bottle during take off and landing to prevent any ear troubles and it worked wonders. He didn't seem to mind any part of flying but he was certainly getting antsy and bored just sitting there in our laps for 2 hours playing with the same small toys and eating Cheerios. He fell asleep for about 30 minutes and woke up just before touch down. We were all VERY happy to get off that plane. Even though Austin didn't have a meltdown, the anticipation of one was making me frazzled. Our flight was successful but taking a toddler on a plane is something I prefer to do only once or twice a year!!

My sister and her boyfriend joined us on our trip but they left from Charlotte and their flight was about an hour behind ours so we waited at baggage claim for them to arrive. Once we spotted them we were quick to get out of that airport and in a taxi to Atlantis! The weather was beautiful and it was a nice, warm 80 degrees out. We got into our villa early afternoon and hurredly got settled so we could go explore!

Atlantis is HUGE and very confusing to first time visitors. We wandered around for a few hours, stopping to look at a few of the aquariums and pools and made a quick trip to the beach before it got too dark. We were back in our room by 7pm and decided to order a pizza since Austin was the only one who had eaten anything that day. We got settled back in the room, put a very tired baby to bed, enjoyed our pizza and company and then called it an early night and looked forward to the rest of our week.

Stay tuned for the rest of our week's adventures!!

Austin's luggage...he helped pack it himself!
Napping on the plane, a glorious sight!
Finally at baggage claim in the BAHAMAS!
View of where we stayed from across the harbor

Catherine and Nick arriving at our villa

A cute little seahorse in the Royal Towers aquarium

We found Nemo!
Austin enjoying watching the fish!
King of Atlantis!!
Our first steps on the Bahama sand!
First family shot on the island with the beautiful resort as our backdrop!
The $25,000/night bridge suite where Michael Jackson and Oprah have stayed!

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Keri said...

Oh, it's so hard to see those pictures of yall when it's so cold out here! :) Glad yall had fun!!


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