December 29, 2009

Christmas with the Harris Family (Part 2)

On Christmas Eve we always go over to Ryan's dad's house in Simpsonville for a family get-together. Austin's cousin Madilyn and her family always come up from Florida to visit and this was the first year the two little ones have been old enough to notice one another. Austin was once again more interested in her toys rather than his cousin herself, and Madilyn was more interested in keeping Austin away from her toys at any cost!! They had a few moments of playing nice together...especially once it got later and they just no longer had the energy to fight...but it was all cute nonetheless. Next Christmas should be very interesting when Austin will be a little older and able to fight back, but since Austin and Madilyn will both have new siblings next year, maybe things will go smoother. I imagine sharing is a pretty difficult concept for most only children to accomplish!!

Getting ready to open his first gift, but checking around the corner for that sneaky cousin of his...
Madilyn decided she wanted to open Austin's gift...he wasn't too thrilled!
Austin trying to get his cousin away from his new toy!
Roles reversed....Austin wants her tea set and Madilyn isn't in the sharing mood!
Playing nice with Austin's new truck...for a few moments at least!
Ryan with both the munchkins!
Sharing a bedtime snack!
Playing together nicely!

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