December 22, 2009

Bring on the new year!

What a wonderful and eventful year 2010 is going to be!!

I found out some very exciting news last week but had to wait a little while to share. She finally announced her news yesterday and I'm so glad I can finally talk about it....

My best friend, Keri, is PREGNANT and sweet Kylie is going to be a big sister!!

I never imagined we'd be pregnant at the same time and get to raise our little ones together. I'm so excited about her little blessing and that we will get to have babies so close to the same age! She is due July 31st which puts us only 3 months apart!

But that's not all....

My friend Tonya ALSO announced the news last week that she is expecting again and little Tyler is going to be a big brother!! She's due June 28th with baby J #2! Austin and Tyler are only 6 months apart and baby H and baby J will only be 2 months apart!

And let's not forget...

My friend, Aaron, is expecting baby girl Willey in March. Her sister, and my friend, Ashley, is getting married in March and my little sister will likely be married (or close to it) in 2010!!

What a wonderful year it's going to be!!!

Tonya and a 6 month old Tyler visiting us in the hospital when Austin was born.

Keri holding Austin when he was just a month old.


Tonya said...

Awww! Yay for all the sweet babies and marriages too! That's so thoughtful of you to write about all your friends' and sister's latest news! I love the pics you posted - Austin & Tyler look so different. Thanks for the shout out!
p.s. Did you mean to type that Keri is due in July?

Keri said...

I am so honored to get a post on your blog!! Thank you so much!! Don't worry about the due's MOMMYBRAIN! Christmas time always worsens the effects!


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