December 28, 2009

Roper Mtn. Lights

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we ventured down the street to the Roper Mtn. Science Center to see their annual holiday lights (it's just like Saluda Shoals for you Columbia people). We didn't plan on getting out of the car, thus the mismatched outfit and no shoes on Austin, but couldn't resist a few photo ops and a chance to see Santa's elves making balloon animals! We asked for a penguin but the elf made Austin his very own balloon Elmo much to our surprise. Austin LOVED his balloon Elmo and ran around the house with it for 30 minutes after we got home. Elmo has since been beheaded and deflated...but he sure was fun while he lasted!!

My little soldier!
Daddy & Austin strolling through the lights
Austin's balloon Elmo!
Boy does he love that Elmo!
Mommy, Austin & Elmo taking a ride in Santa's sleigh
Looking at the lights from the front seat of the car sans car seat...he was one happy baby boy! (Don't worry, we were going less than 5 mph the whole way)
Running around the house with Elmo in tow!
Still going strong!

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