December 14, 2009

Austin and the Christmas Tree

Friday night after the little one was in bed, Ryan and I finally got around to decorating the house for Christmas and putting up our lights and tree. Our trip and my untimely injury caused us to get a bit of a late start this year, but no worries, we have no problem being the only house on the street with their lights up into January! After all the work we did, these things are staying up for at least a month!!

Saturday morning was so exciting because we couldn't wait for Austin to wake up and see the tree all lit up in our living room. I had my camera ready and we both stood there watching him as he took notice of the new addition.

It was love at first sight!

Austin walked around the tree gently touching the branches saying "oooooo" "oooooo" and then looking back at us grinning with big eyes. Most of the decorations were placed high enough to be out of the reach of those little baby hands...but I apparently underestimated his height a bit and a few were still in reach. However, after hearing a calm "no, no" a few times, he seemed to catch on and continued to admire and lightly touch just the branches.

Three days later the tree is still standing and all the ornaments are in tact. The Austin-sized Tigger didn't have a much luck as Austin continues to drag him to the ground and tackle him. The train and train track are also in disarray as a long Monday indoors proved too much for his curiosity. I also have a feeling that no presents will see the bottom of this tree for a few years...but at least that leaves more room for him to crawl underneath and admire the lights from a different angle...

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