December 24, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree may not be the most decorative, the most trendy or the most elegant tree fact, we can't keep the tree skirt straight due to two curious little kitties, the train and train track are a jumbled mess due to one curious little toddler and there are only ornaments displayed on the top 2/3 of the tree to insure they stay out of previously mentioned curious toddler's hands.

However, our tree is special and I find it to be the most beautiful and meaningful tree and one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I look forward to decorating our Christmas tree each year more that any other part of seasonal decorating because every single ornament on our tree represents a special memory, an important event, a fun trip or a thoughtful gift. I can honestly say that of the many, many ornaments on our tree, only 2 were bought for decorative purposes only and that was because our tree looked rather bare our first Christmas and I needed some quick filler. By our 3rd Christmas, all the filler ornaments have been removed except for these two because, well, our cats find the little red birds with fluffy tails to be quite fascinating!

I always thought a Christmas tree should be a tree of memories and representative of the special moments in in the lives of a family, not just a decoration, and that's exactly what ours is and will always be! I just hate when Christmas is over and it has to come down...

Here are some of my favorite ornaments from this years tree:

A Christmas present from Ryan last year, a handmade ornament representing our little family!
From one of our honeymoon spots!
An ornament from our first Christmas of many!
One of my favorite Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments...
...and another!
One of the yearly Clemson ornaments that Ryan's mom gets him for his birthday every year. One of these days we're going to need a tree for our Clemson ornaments alone!
A hand print ornament we made last Christmas when Austin was 2.5 months old!

...And my favorite ornament of all....this cute little guy who has been "decorating" our tree for the past 3 weeks!! He will be sad to see it go as well!

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