October 10, 2008

Appointment update

Today I went in for another ultrasound and appointment with the doctor. The ultrasound went well, baby H scored an 8 out of 8 on his biophysical profile and we got an estimated weight of about 7 lbs. Believe it or not, he actually measured a little on the small side for a 37.5 weeker. He was only in the 59th percentile this time, whereas he was in the 75th 2 weeks ago. My fluid is still a bit of a concern and was down from 9 to 8 this time. If it gets much lower we would have to talk about hospitilization or emergency delivery. I was instructed to drink lots and lots of water to try and increase baby's fluid as much as possible and Dr. Keith also checked to make sure I wasn't leaking any fluid from a tear in the amniotic sac. During the check she did notice that I'm losing my plug and luckily my water is still in tact. Ryan was with me at this visit and I think it's kind of funny because he's definitely starting to get a little grossed out with all this talk about fluid and mucus plugs! :) He has no idea what he's in store for come delivery time!!

Since baby was on the smaller side and doing well and I'm doing much better, there was no need to discuss scheduling an early induction or anything quite yet. While I am SOOO ready for him to be here, I'd like to hold out for as long as possible and hopefully go into labor on my own. If his growth remains constant I'm convinced I can have him vaginally and I would much rather start laboring here at home than in a hospital bed! I just hope I can increase the fluid as much as possible so we don't run into any emergencies.

Finally, Dr. Keith said she wants to see me again on Monday instead of Tuesday like we had scheduled and that if anything happened over the weekend to call the office and then go straight to labor and delivery! She also wants me on strict bedrest until next week and even though I'm not exactly sure why, I will try my best. However, I had a hard enough time with modified bedrest so I'm not sure how well I'll do with even more limitations!!

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