October 6, 2008

Baby's Corner

Here are some updated pictures of baby H's corner of our room. Since we have the master on main and the nursery had to be upstairs, he will be sleeping in our room at least for the first 6 months while I'm nursing. I didn't think it would be safe to walk up and down the stairs 3-4 times a night while I was half asleep!! I will also feel more at ease with our little guy just a few feet away.

I also put a new mobile on the pack 'n play called an Infant Stim mobile. It is supposed to stimulate an infant's visual activity and motor functions in the first few months of life. It's very odd looking, but research proves that infants react much better to simple patterns and bright, bold colors.


Our Life said...

I am glad that baby H has a little corner in your room. McKenzie was always in the room with us and her daddy said "The baby will never be in the bed with us" yeah right she is still in the bed with us 5 years later LOL Never say never!! cause you never know!!! LOL

C3 said...

Congratulations on your little baby boy! I came accross your blog, and just wanted to let you know that my son (11 months old) loves his glow worm...and i see you have one. It was the first toy that he actually reached out for!!


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