October 14, 2008

Blog Entry From Daddy

Well, it looks like Jennifer has made 119 posts onto this public baby diary, so I guess it's time for Daddy to make an appearance. It looks like it's almost "game time" so I wanted to take a second and give everyone my take on the pregnancy. Mainly, I wanted to tell everyone how absolutely fantastic Jennifer has done with this pregnancy. She has read every book ever written on the subject, asked every parent about their pregnancies, and researched, researched, and then researched some more on the baby stuff (swings, bouncers, car seats, strollers, etc.) to make sure we have the top rated stuff (safety and useability) reviewed by hundreds of parents. Additionally, whenever something even remotely seemed to be going wrong with the pregnancy, she did everything in her power to get it back under control. Her blood pressure began to rise slightly and she modified her diet and physical stress levels and she hasn't had a problem since. Her amniotic fluid levels began to decrease and so she drunk so much water we could fill a swimming pool and the fluid levels have at least remained constant. Lastly, she has done a superb job with her diet. She has made sure to eat healthy and take her vitamins daily. I believe her final weigh-in at the Dr.'s office indicated that she gained 37 pounds total during the pregnancy (although it certainly looks like a lot on someone that is 4'10") which is right where her doctor told her would be the "ideal" weight gain. I think that's pretty amazing.

Furthermore, I'd like to note how easy Jennifer has actually tried to make this pregnancy on ME. I've scolded her for cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry, organizing the nursery, putting together most of the baby stuff rather waiting on me. Her response is always "I know how hard you work...." Furthermore, as most know, I enjoy extracurricular activities whether it be bowling on Monday nights, softball on Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) nights, and Clemson (and other college) football on Saturdays. Jennifer has constantly pushed me and supported me to continue these activities. 30 something weeks pregnant, she was still attending Clemson football games and just as excited as can be. Just yesterday she demanded I go bowling (but keep the phone nearby). Up until this point, life really hasn't changed for me because she has done her best to make me happy during this very uncomfortable time in her life.

Jennifer is going to be a great, great mother. She is fully committed to having the baby vaginally so that she can recover quickly and be up with Junior as soon as possible. She is 1000% committed to breast feeding because, as we know, "breast is best" (I think I'm going to make that my life motto) :) It also doesn't hurt that breast milk is a little cheaper than formula. Junior is going to grow up with a great, great Mother, Father, Grandparents, and family. I can't be more excited.

So again, I just want to raise my glass to my lovely wife and commend her on such an amazing job she's done preparing for this new bundle of joy. I need to wrap this up now, as the doctor just called Jennifer back and told her to go to the hospital (contractions 5 mins. apart). It looks like its GO TIME! Stay tuned.

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