October 27, 2008

Silly Daddy!

Friday night Ryan and I decided to take shifts when Austin woke up so both of us could get some good sleep. I got up for the first shift, fed and changed Austin, and then pumped and prepared a bottle for Ryan to feed him when he woke up.

At 5am, Austin woke back up screaming and Ryan didn't budge. I tapped him and he moved around in bed a little and then sat up cradling a pillow in his arms. I said to Ryan, "Are you going to get him or should I?" Ryan stood up still half asleep and with the pillow nestled in his arms said "I've got him right here!" I was really confused because Austin was obviously across the room in his crib crying to be fed.

About that time Ryan woke up a little more and looked down at the pillow in his arms and realized it wasn't a baby afterall! We were so tired and both barely awake at the time, but we got a huge laugh out of this Saturday morning!!

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Our Life said...

This is SOOOOO FUNNY!!!! Good laugh for me !! Thanks Ryan and Thanks Jennifer for writing about it!! Love it! Poor Austin, if it was not for mothers children would starve during the night. Dads just cant get it going during the night like moms can!!


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