October 7, 2008

Mucus Plug

Over the course of the day I've been losing my mucus plug. I'm hoping this means that I'll go into labor soon, but I've heard it can still take a few days-weeks to lose it completely and for labor to begin. At least it's more evidence that things are progressing!! Sorry if this post is TMI!! :)


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Honey when my mucus plug fell out in the potty, in 4hours and 20 minutes I had Scott....barely made it to the hospital...and bam bam thank you mam he was here...maybe you will go fast like I did ...it is one mucus plug, then you will start passing slimmy stuff and it will just about gross you out..dont' panic, if you see a little blood it is ok, but check with your doctor...I saw my mucus plug in the potty, it looked like and it made me think of a chicken guizzered...then the slim started coming and then we left for the hospital, labor pain was every 5 minutes...so just be on the look out now for the slim..you might have to put on a pad if it is alot...GOod luck...the full moon is the 14th...I love ya, Nana

Ryan said...

mmmmmm, mucus plug


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