October 2, 2008

Today's appointment

I went in at 2:30 today for my ultrasound and appointment. Baby Harris is doing great, very active and his heart is beating well and strong. It was really funny because I just posted yesterday about how often he has been getting the hiccups lately and he actually started hiccupping as soon as we started the ultrasound today! It was funny to watch him and feel him hiccup at the same time. The only concern was that my fluid dropped from 12 to 9, but Dr. Keith said she normally doesn't worry until it reaches about 6 or 7. I just need to drink lots of water to make sure I'm staying hydrated in case that's the problem.

This was really a quick visit and there's nothing that new to report. I go back Monday at 9am for another NST and at that point Dr. Keith will start checking my cervix for effacement and dialation. We should get a better idea next week about a delivery time frame. Next Friday is my final scheduled ultrasound and they'll take more measurements then to estimate baby's size. I will officially be full term starting on Sunday and I can only hope he decides to make an early entrance!!

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