October 1, 2008

Top 10 things I'm NOT going to miss about being pregnant!

10. Getting up a bazillion times a night to pee.

9. Having to avoid deli meat, hot dogs, caffeine and alcohol.

8. Waddling around like a duck.

7. Stepping on the scales every week to see a steady weight gain!

6. Having to sleep on my side every night, making my hips and legs go uncomfortably numb.

5. Those many unpleasant bodily functions (I won't go into detail) that come along with the territory.

4. Having to hear every day how BIG I'm getting!

3. Feeling like I just ran a marathon everytime I walk up a flight of stairs.

2. Waaay too many trips to the Doctor's office.

1. Not having my baby in my belly, because he'll be in my arms!!!

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