October 29, 2008

Austin is 2 weeks old!

(Again, started this one yesterday but didn't get a chance to finish it!)

I can't believe my little boy is 2 weeks old today! I feel like he's changed and grown so much already! He's definitely more alert and awake for longer each day (and night unfortunately). He's already starting to look different and he's definitely filling out his clothes better. He's still wearing newborns but they are getting too short and he fits into a few of his 0-3 months outfits too.

Austin loves his pacifier and no matter how bad Ryan and I don't want him to become too attached to it, we can't help but give it to him when it consoles him so well. Ryan wants to patent a pacifier with an elastic band going around the back of the head, however, since we are putting it back in his mouth over and over again each day after it falls out. :)

We have 2 nicknames for Austin already, treefrog and the angry conductor. We call him treefrog because he loves to fall asleep on my or Ryan's chest with his arms and legs tucked underneath him like a little frog. He will lie there perfectly still for an hour and it almost looks like he's velcroed to us. Our other nickname, angry conductor, came to us after watching him sleep. If he's asleep and we touch him his arms immediately fly up in the air and his little fists shake like he's mad. He also does it when he's asleep and he hears a loud noise. I'll have to get a video of it sometime soon so everyone can see what we mean. It's really cute!

Austin is also starting to like his playgym now that his eyes can focus better and he's more awake and alert. He will lie there and look around and squirm for about 30 minutes before getting too frusterated from all the stimulation. The animals also love his playgym so we have to put it away after each use so it doesn't become a doggy chew toy or kitty bed! :) Lucy has already discovered the boppy pillow and thinkgs it's her new bed. (Don't worry, we change and wash the covers after Lucy enjoys her naps!)

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