October 23, 2008

Our first week with Austin

Austin is now 1 week and 1 day old and I just wanted to take a minute to say what a great baby we have!!!! Austin has made it so easy on Ryan and myself, the new and sometimes uncertain parents. He is making learning how to be a mommy and daddy so easy on us and so enjoyable. He only gets fussy when he's hungry and a quick feeding and burping will do the trick. He also gets a little fussy when we change his diaper or clothes and that's just because he doesn't much like feeling cold. Other than that, he is perfectly content!

When not in my arms or Ryan's, Austin spends a lot of time in his swing and vibrating chair. He will sleep there for 2-3 hours while I tidy up the house, take a quick shower or make something to eat. Me and Austin spend a lot of the time in the glider as well. He really seems to enjoy the rocking motion and it's the perfect place for feedings. He also really loves being on his tummy so we often lie tummy to tummy and he dozes off almost immediately.

Austin is eating about every 3 hours and we change his diaper about 10-12 times a day. On average we get a little baby shower at least once a day. :) We put Austin down in his crib around midnight when Ryan and I are finally ready for bed and after he's had a good feeding and diaper change. He usually sleeps soundly until about 2:30 am. It takes me about 45 minutes to feed and diaper him and he's back asleep a little after 3am. Around 5-6am he wakes up again ready to eat and with a wet diaper. We go through the same ritual and he's in his bed dreaming again about the time the sun is coming up. About 9am he wake up again and I get up and start the day with about 5-6 hours of good sleep behind me. It's less sleep than I'm used to but more than I expected to get with a newborn in our bedroom!!

Ryan has gone back to work full-time now and I'm not sure who hates it most, me or him! Ryan is such an amazing dad and he loves Austin more than I think he could have ever realized and I know he misses him so much when he's away. Everyday he tells me how happy he is and what a joy it's been having Austin in our lives. At any noise or squeal Ryan is at Austin's side and he will hold him for hours and hate to give him up. Ryan also enjoys changing diapers, much to my surprise, and does it very well. I think diaper changing time is Ryan's special bonding time with Austin since I usually take care of all the feedings.

Overall, we know we have been very blessed to have this little miracle in our lives and we thank God everyday for bringing him to us. Parenthood is amazing and we can't wait to watch our baby boy grow up right before our eyes, as long as he doesn't grow up too fast!

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