October 25, 2008

Trip to the pumpkin patch!

Today Ryan and I took Austin to Mini Miracles organic farm in Taylors to stroll through their pumpkin patch and pick our Halloween pumpkin! Austin pretty much slept the whole time but we had a good time and took lots of great pictures! We were lucky that the weather was nice and warm for our outing and we picked a great pumpkin and got some yummy cider to take home with us!
During our visit there was a woman with her three kids who offered to take our picture for us and was asking questions about Austin. When she found out he was just approaching 2 weeks old she said "So did y'all adopt or is he yours?" I was a little confused by the comment and said, "No, he's ours." Then the woman said "Wow! You look great for having a baby that young!" I have to admit, this completely made my day...but I still think the woman must have serious vision problems!!! :)


Our Life said...

Love the pumpkin outfit on Little Austin. You do look wonderful! The lady is right.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jennifer and precious family, My mom just sent us these in Nebraska and WOW I love them!!!! Congratulations, he's darling... I know y'all are sooooo proud. I can't wait to meet him in person and give y'all some "sugar". I bet A. Catherine and G-ma and G-pa are on cloud nine as well. Pleases pass on my love and I hope when we come home this summer we can see you guys, love,Christy and Brad Fitts(Alden,Ashley and Andrew)


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