October 8, 2008

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

After yesterday's "events" (see previous post), I finally decided that it was about time to pack my bags for the hospital. I had been putting it off because I knew that even if I went into labor early, I would probably be at home having contractions for several hours and could get stuff together then. They tell you not to even go to the hospital until you have 10 or more in an hour or they are 5 minutes apart, which can take awhile. However, since things seem to be progressing I'm starting to worry that maybe I'll go faster than anticipated or I'll be at a doctor's appointment and they'll send me straight to the hospital if I'm dilated enough or they think I'm ready. I can't imagine trying to explain to Ryan which makeup and undies I need him to pack for me, so I went ahead and got all my stuff together last night. :)

After my bag, I packed the diaper bag which gave me a very strange but excited feeling. All this packing is really making things feel very real and I'm getting nervous now, not so much about the birthing process, but about what I'm going to do when I bring home my baby for the first time! My mom always tells me the story about the day they brought me home from the hospital and sat me down in my carrier and stared and just said "Now what do we do with her?" I have a feeling we're going to feel the same way! :)

On another note, I LOVE my new diaper bag!! It's a JP Lizzy bag and not only is it very cute, but it's got so much room and tons of pockets and accessories! I would probably even use it as an every day bag once I no longer need to carry around a diaper bag. Here's a picture:

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Clark Berry said...

Hey Jennifer! Becki told me about your blog and we will be following your progress. The 3d ultrasound pics look awesome!


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