October 16, 2008

Austin Update - Day 1

So, Austin is a day old now. He and Jennifer are doing great. She's still sore obviously, but without getting into the gruesome details (I'll let her do that if she wishes once she gets home) everything is healing and progressing very well.

Austin, was circumcized this morning. He took it a heck of a lot better than I would have. He was also weighed shortly afterwards. Not suprisingly, he lost 5 oz. from his birth weight. I attribute all 5 oz. to the circumcision, but the nurses seem to think its normal fluid weight loss after birth. :)

I've changed probably a half dozen diapers now (never changed one before). He had a "blow out" earlier today. I took the diaper off and used half a pack of wipes to clean him up. In the process, Austin decided that Daddy needed a shower and proceeded to "make it rain." I had to clean him, me, and half the room up after that. After blowing up in his diaper and peeing all over me, he seemed quite pleased with himself:

Here's a few more pictures...I'm sure once Jennifer gets to feeling like sitting and "computering" the blog will turn into a baby photo album.

Here's a picture of me and Ben with Austin and Tyler (5.5 months old). I have a feeling Tyler and Austin are going to get in a lot of trouble together:

Grandma Jo Ann with her grandson (still image from video):

Here's 3 generations of Harris's. The nose seems to be a dominant trait:

Here's the proud new Mommy with baby Austin:

The Banks' family with Jennifer, Austin, Grandma Banks, Grandpa Banks, and Aunt Catherine.

The following are a few pictures that are still images from some of the video I recorded throughout the day. I'm really glad Jennifer decided to take a while in labor so that I could figure out how to work the camcorder (all video recordings are PG-13):

Here's Daddy cutting the umbilical cord. Simply awesome....they caught me off guard so I didn't have time to really adjust the camera:

Here's Austin fresh out of the womb getting cleaned:

Mama getting to meet Austin for the first time:

Here's Austin getting his feet printed. Hopefully this'll be the only "printing" Austin will have to do in his lifetime:


Our Life said...

Oh My Goodness Ryan Patrick!! I am just in love with this little guy! Love the Pee Pee story, he did a good job spraying you, you will soon learn how to not get peed on. You will have the "one diaper under the butt one over the pee pee zone" mastered in no time!! You look so good holding that little bitty baby in your arms. And yes I have to say I can see the Harris resemblance through the nose! But you are all very handsome! And Jo Ann just looks beside herself. Jennifer looks like she has been a mother forever, so at ease.(I was a complete mess when McKenzie was that small) I love you and am So Very Happy for you both.

Beth said...

Congratulations! He is precious! I hope y'all are doing well and enjoying your new baby boy.


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