October 22, 2008

Austin's follow-up visit

Again, I'm pretty late with this post but things have been busy and we've had a lot of visitors this week!! However, yesterday we went back to Parkside for Austin's follow-up and things were pretty good. We met with Dr. Moll this time and I think we've decided that we like him the best. He sat down with us for almost 30 minutes and just answered any questions we had. He even talked about the practice and explained how it got started and how all the physicians met. He seems so knowledgable and you can tell he really loves children and his job. I hope we can continue to see him for all of Austin's upcoming visits.

But back to Austin, they did the blood test again and his bilirubins have gone down to 15.3, yay! Since they are going down, no action needs to be taken right now and he'll be rechecked at our 2 week visit Monday. We will just keep exposing him to the sunlight several times a day and hope it continues to do its work!

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