October 24, 2008

At-home visit

Today a nurse from St. Francis came by for an at-home visit with me and Austin. This is a complementary service that St. Francis offers to all new mothers and was very informative and convenient. Austin checked out very well and weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. This is up 7 oz. since Tuesday! He's already outgrown the preemie outfits he wore just a few days ago and he's fitting more snuggly in his newborn clothes. I can tell his face and belly are filling out more and he's definitely getting longer. We're so proud our little boy is growing big and strong!

As for me, things weren't quite as good, but nothing too worrisome we hope. My blood pressure was pretty high, higher than it had been during the entire pregnancy, which is a cause for some concern. The nurse said she was going to call my OB and talk to them to see if I needed to come in for further workup sooner than my 6 week appointment. She rechecked it again before she left while I was lying down and it was lower, so hopefully it's nothing serious. She also noted the swelling in my face, ankles and feet and said it is common to have a lot of swelling after delivery due to the amount of Pitocin used. She made me feel at ease about a lot of other concerns and so far the only worry is the rise in blood pressure.

Everything else during the visit was great. Austin is eating on the right schedule and having plenty of wet and dirty diapers each day. She could tell he was jaundiced but said it didn't look too bad. We hope to get an accurate reading after our 2 week visit to the pediatrician on Monday.

There's not much else to report at the moment but I'll keep everyone posted and we hope to have some new pictures up shortly!

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